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Parental Alienation is a Serious Form of Abuse of Children
The Dog Days of Summer
Happy Summer Days!
Summer Time!


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Jodi's Thoughts and Ideas

Parental Alienation is a Serious Form of Abuse of Children

This article was originally published in Psychology Today.

Our practice specializes in reunification counseling, particularly when there has been active parental alienation by one parent, against the non-custodial parent. The effects of parental alienation on children are devastating, unless intervention is successful. 

Parent-Child Reunification After Alienation Strategies to Reunite Alienated Parents and Their Children  Post published by Edward Kruk Ph.D. 
Pathways For Change Specializes in Parent Reunification Counseling and Parental Alienation intervention.
Children and parents who have undergone forced separation from each other in the absence of abuse, including cases of

The Dog Days of Summer

Pathways for Change helping with the The Dog Days of Summer!

It is almost August! It always seems August brings the longest, hottest days of summer. The kids may be starting to get a little "bored" of the day to day random activities of summer vacation. They are not as easily entertained throughout the day and they are looking for "something to do." 
One suggestion I offer parents is to create a loose daily schedule. Outline the day for your child. It will give them a bit of structure which kids thrive on throughout the school year, love to shed when the middle of June rolls around, and are looking for again once the month of August is upon us.

Happy Summer Days!

Pathways For Change, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Anger Management, Learning DisabiltyHappy Summer Days!

I cannot believe this week marks the middle of August. It has been a busy summer filled with fun adventures, and lots of happy faces!
The end of summer means "transition" time for myself, parents, teachers, and most of all, our children, as we prepare to send them back to school. Change, no matter how much we get used to it, is never easy, especially for children who may have been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum,  AD/HD, and/or sensory integration difficulty. For most kids, returning to school is both exciting and dreadful!

Summer Time!

Summer Time!

Summer is the best time to do just about anything at all with your kids! Vacations, play dates, picnics, spontaneous adventures, sleeping in, staying up late, slumber parties, catching fireflies, campouts, late night swims, midnight snacks, and the list goes on and on. I love summer for all of these reasons, and more. 
     Kids are more relaxed in the summer. They seem to smile, skip, dance, and sing more too. I often wonder if it is because there are no stressors from school to deal with, OR.


Spring is upon us, finally! 

As I walked down Chestnut Street in Emmaus yesterday, I spotted Spring's first flowers in a neighbor's front yard. I was thrilled to be reminded that the harsh winter is indeed behind us, and we can look forward to warmer temperatures, and longer daylight hours. 

Spring is a season of renewal and rapid growth.  This is symbolic for so many things which occur during this time of year. Even the children who come to our center, are happier, brighter, and energized.

Emmaus Old Fashioned Christmas this Saturday 12/7

This Saturday, December 7 is Emmaus' Old Fashioned Christmas. This is always a very festive time for kids and families, young and old. Christmas carols, Santa and Mrs. Claus, tree lighting, and sales in many of the quaint shops downtown. 

At Pathways For Change, and Turn the Page Reading Center, we will be hosting the Emmaus High School Pediatric Cancer Club. The students in the club will be cooking up hot dogs, and serving hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and various baked goods for donations, to raise money for a very local family in need this holiday season.

A Great Cause, A Great Opportunity

The Emmaus High School Pediatric Cancer Club, Founded by Zachary Clinchy, and Chris Scheirmeyer (EHS Class of 2014), sponsors a local family who have a six year child old battling Leukemia. This group of students have come together and supported this family as they struggle with mounting medical bills. The club hosts fundraisers regularly, and whatever else they can think of that may help give this family a boost, as they deal with their child's battle with cancer. 

We decided we needed to get involved and help these kids, help this family.

Cooler Weather Doesn't Have to Equal Cabin Fever

As the days of Autumn close in on us, and we feel the air get cool and crisp, we look ahead to long cold days of winter. Kids complain it is dark when they get up, and dark when they get home. This is winter. Kids can get stir crazy!

Plan ahead now for those days when the kids are cooped up in the house, bored, it's cold, and they don't know what to do. Jot down ideas now, for those occasions. Think of fun, inexpensive trips you can take for an afternoon, crafts you can make at home by the fire, treats you can make together and then later eat while watching a great movie the whole family can enjoy.
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