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Summer Time!

Summer Time!

Summer is the best time to do just about anything at all with your kids! Vacations, play dates, picnics, spontaneous adventures, sleeping in, staying up late, slumber parties, catching fireflies, campouts, late night swims, midnight snacks, and the list goes on and on. I love summer for all of these reasons, and more. 
     Kids are more relaxed in the summer. They seem to smile, skip, dance, and sing more too. I often wonder if it is because there are no stressors from school to deal with, OR.. is it that they are PLAYING a lot more, which is producing the relaxed state I see them in? School is stressful, for sure. No doubt about it. It is stressful for parents too (new schedules, books, backpacks, papers to sign, field trips to chaperone, lunches to prepare or pay for, etc) which then gets passed onto the kids, who pass it back to their parents, and the cycle continues. 
There is less of this in summer. There is more play time, kid time, mom and dad time, FUN time, in summer. And I see it in the children's faces, postures, and attitudes when they come through my door. It is a welcome change!
     As parents, take time to notice the different changes in your children during the summer months. Take advantage when you can, let them know how much you like their pleasant and carefree attitudes. Take note of things that make everyone happy, and try to carry over any small pieces you can from summer, into Fall, as we transition back into the new school year ( but not for another 5-6 weeks!) Until then...Enjoy your kids and your summer!
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