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Parental Alienation is a Serious Form of Abuse of Children
The Dog Days of Summer
Happy Summer Days!
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Jodi's Thoughts and Ideas

July 2015

Parental Alienation is a Serious Form of Abuse of Children

This article was originally published in Psychology Today.

Our practice specializes in reunification counseling, particularly when there has been active parental alienation by one parent, against the non-custodial parent. The effects of parental alienation on children are devastating, unless intervention is successful. 

Parent-Child Reunification After Alienation Strategies to Reunite Alienated Parents and Their Children  Post published by Edward Kruk Ph.D. 
Pathways For Change Specializes in Parent Reunification Counseling and Parental Alienation intervention.
Children and parents who have undergone forced separation from each other in the absence of abuse, including cases of

The Dog Days of Summer

Pathways for Change helping with the The Dog Days of Summer!

It is almost August! It always seems August brings the longest, hottest days of summer. The kids may be starting to get a little "bored" of the day to day random activities of summer vacation. They are not as easily entertained throughout the day and they are looking for "something to do." 
One suggestion I offer parents is to create a loose daily schedule. Outline the day for your child. It will give them a bit of structure which kids thrive on throughout the school year, love to shed when the middle of June rolls around, and are looking for again once the month of August is upon us.
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